Om My Goddess Yoga 
  • The 45-minute Yoga class offers asanas (poses) that are easily modified for yogis and yoginis of all ages, sizes, shapes and fitness levels. You select the modifications that work best for your body on that day. As you advance, this practice grows with you.  An exercise in patience for the more advanced practitioner who is used to “power” in their Vinyasa flow, this class provides an opportunity to re-focus breath, (pranayama), body alignment and mind body connection.  Fellahs, please don’t be put off by the title.  Know that every body is welcome! 

OMG Yoga - Sacred Balance
  • Sacred Balance Yoga is a gentle, contemplative practice, offering participants an opportunity to mindfully re-establish a connection between body, mind, and breath. This quietly guided practice awakens consciousness, while providing a supportive environment in which to relax, renew, relieve stress, and create simple peace. Suitable for all levels; no previous Yoga/meditation experience required. B r e a t h e . . .

OMG Yoga - Conditioning
  •  No "fusion."  No music.  No nonsense. This vigorous 60-minute practice was sequenced for athletes. An exercise in stability and strength and specifically controlled breathing builds heat while holding poses for longer periods make for a more challenging practice.  For those who spend the majority of their workouts doing cardio and building muscle, the goal here is to provide balance and recovery by using the strength you've built to work deeper. "Yes, you should be sweating." 

OMG Yoga - Karma Yoga
  •  These community practices are offered by donation to participants. Originally sequenced in gratitude for veterans of our armed forces residing in or around the Angeles Mesa / Lemert Park areas of  Greater Los Angeles, this intro to vinyasa flow yoga practice invites our brothers and sisters release, let go & learn at a beginners pace. 

OMG Yoga First Gen Zen
  •  This restorative practice allows first generation college students to be the passive recipient of  yoga benefits for  just a few  minutes.  Your yoga mat is transformed into a personal sanctuary, where body & mind quiet. Give yourself permission to enjoy the stillness, quiet the chatter and simply be. No stress.  Reclaim your time...  Virtual Sessions available. 

Hatha Yoga for our bodies... 
Virtual Group & Private Sessions are offered, by appointment.
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