I was taken to the Self-Realization Fellowship as a child, admittedly an unpopular decision at the time.  Not many Black kids down with Paramahansa Yogananda in South LA so, I didn't really get it but yoga made its way in and out of my life ever since. Learning from countless teachers over the years, I practiced even at my heaviest weight of 276 pounds just a few years ago.  After classes, people would approach me at the gym with questions like how was I able to do Yoga at my size and wasn't "yoga for skinny white people?" to which I would smile and reply, "obviously not!"  Yoga is for anyone with the genuine desire to know its many health benefits. After a lot of self-study, I decided to add yoga to my other AFAA certifications in 2008.  I also took a Hatha Yoga for Beginners Workshop with fellow teacher and dear friend, Tanja Hester, at Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood that same year and, in accordance with the national standards,  earned 200 Hr Certification in 2013 with friend, Guru and mentor Raghavan Das of Raghavan Yoga.  I now have hundreds of teaching hours to my credit so hear me when I say, you CAN do Yoga! 

Hatha Yoga for our bodies...
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Yogi Kristen
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Conscious breathing balanced with movement and stillness is the basis of the Om My Goddess Yoga approach.  While we have definitely developed our own style, pride is taken in keeping core parinamavada and vinyasa krama concepts intact as the temple is only as strong as it's foundation. With practitioners of all levels, ages and sizes in class, we want every body to be accommodated.  Yes, brothers, you too! 
Yogi Jacqueline
"The Oracle" of Omg Yoga, Jacqueline has been practicing for a number of years.  Since taking her first “Yoga for Beginners” class at Crenshaw Yoga and Dance shortly after the studio opened, she   deepened her Yoga practice, receiving Prime of Life Yoga certification, “a specialty training for Yoga teachers and dedicated students, focusing on Yoga for midlife and beyond”with Tirumalai  Krishnamacharya pupil, Larry Payne, PhD in 2008.  She then went on to complete the Stretch for Success 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in September, 2010, with her long time teacher and mentor Purusha Hickson.  In addition to practicing and teaching Yoga, Jacqueline is a licensed Counseling Psychologist who incorporates gentle instruction in user-friendly forms of meditation for stress managment in her community and at universities, most recently at Loyola Marymount University.
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