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Yoga is not a competition sport.
OMG Yoga offers safe Hatha Yoga for practitioners of different ages, genders, shapes and fitness levels.  From the ample-bodied beginner that may carry  "B to the Power of 3: Bellies, Boobies and Booty" to the relative Zen Master, OMG Yoga challenges yogis to synchronize mind, body and breath to improve flexibility, strength and an overall feeling well being.  We consciously & purposefully provide a learning environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all. 

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Hatha Yoga for our bodies... 
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Yoga is a journey into self. It's never too late to step on to the path.  Size 4 to 4x, ages 8 to 80, an Om My Goddess Yoga practice is adaptable for your body.My beloved Mom Jacqueline introduced me to Yoga many years ago.  Obese since my pre-teens, Yoga was one of the few classes I could do from start to finish.  In December 2004, I decided to make a change that would prove life altering.  I joined a well renowned weight loss program (for the second time,) coupled healthy portion controlled eating with an admittedly vigorous training schedule that included indoor cycling, cardio kickboxing, resistance training and Yoga on recovery days.  I got results that I never dreamed I'd  see.  I now teach Yoga.  It's personal for me.  I get it, trust! 

By engaging individuals curious about Yoga who for whatever reason believe it is not meant for them, I am paying forward the gift of wellness I received, which in itself is an aspect of Yoga.  Please note that this site should never be considered a viable substitute for consulting a physician or other qualified health care provider that will cater to a person's specific health concerns and fitness needs. I encourage you to read our Blog and Bookmark this site.  Classes & events will be added as  OMG Yoga LA  grows. 
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